"The fear of being broke..." CEO Shadesfactory: "The Mavericks"

Our first episode of "The Mavericks" is featuring the CEO of Shadesfactory. It is safe to note that the interviewer is represented with "intr". Thanks and enjoy our conversation with our first MAVERICK

Interviewer: May we meet you sir

CEO Shadesfactory: My name isBabalola Afeez abiola , Chemical Engineering
Part 5.

Int:. Nice to have you here Afeez... Five years in OAU, wow.... Few months to go... Describe your experience so far

Afeez: it has been a great experience so far on Oau campus , the social and academic life have been *top notch* , Oau deprives one from having social life due to the series of assessments , well I would judge that based on the way my department handles our syllabus but at the same time I try to make sure I balance both my academic and social life . I would say Oau taught me how to survive even in the most ridiculous situations. Amazing experience indeed

Intr: So, as the CEO of Shadesfactory, it is right to say you sell shades basically right

Afeez: Yes... Safe to say

Intr: Could you describe your entrepreneurship exploit to the audience?

Afeez: I started this business immediately after my Industrial training in Lagos , then it was like a joke because I never intended to sell anything , I wanted to order and my mum should sell because she has a supermarket in our estate ,but then, she sparked some entrepreneurial spirit in me and gave me an analysis on how to make a profitable business which I decided to act on after which I added my digital marketing skills in promoting the business ( Instagram ads , Facebook and the likes ) , this gave me the opportunity to reach out to people all over Nigeria and not limiting my sales to a specific area . There is a lot more to say about this for people who are interested, they can contact me 😊.

Intr: What made you think you had to go into your exploit when you’ve been sent to school to study and finish with good grades?

Afeez: Well , as Nigeria stands now . Nothing is sure , getting out of school with good grades is not giving you an automatic job position in any company , and I can't graduate from school and still keep calling my parents for money which I don't even do anymore since my part 4 . The fear of being broke and not able to meet my ends meet inspired me in starting the lucrative business..

Intr: HMMM... it's indeed true. So, you're saying "financial independence" was what drove you. But sir, why shades selling and how did you arrive at the lucrative brand name "Shadesfactory"?

Afeez: Well Shades selling came all along because I love wearing glasses (sunshades , reading glasses , clear frames etc ) I buy them at cheaper prices and I feel there are people out there that would love to get this glasses but don't know where to get them , that's why I decided to bring a brand that can get the glasses to them .

The brand name came on the note that the dream is big , I plan and would love to have a factory where I would be producing several designs of glasses and all would be made in Nigeria 😋

Intr: Did you in any way ever have a moment of “why did I ever start this”

Afeez: Hmmm yeah that moment (why did I ever start this) hasn't come.

Intr: Wow... What's your secret?

Afeez: Because I'm already contented on my profit and always try to improve on how to optimize my reach to my clients all over Nigeria.

Intr: And has your business in any way affected your academics?

Afeez: Nah it has not in any way affected my studies because I balance both.

Intr: Would you like to share your secret with the readers?

Afeez: What works for me might not work for others , i read at nights and attend to business during the day.

Intr: hmmm... Very accurate sir.

Intr: Where do you see you and your business in the next 5 years

Afeez: Wow , I see myself working with a multinational oil company related to my career pursuit  and also keep my business running smoothly with the aid of assistance from several employers 😀

Intr: (Smiles) Oil money and shades

Intr: What advice would you forward to any great ife student that wants to be financially independent like you?

Afeez: I would just say , find what you love to do , study it to the extent that you would know so much about it , cook it up and start making money from it. As an entrepreneur you don't sleep , you have to keep up searching about ideas and how to implement them.

Intr: It's been nice having you here sir out of your busy schedule and all. Thank you for time.

Afeez: You're welcome. Thanks for having me.


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