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OAU 14/15 SU led by TY executes silent heist with 2015 scholarship scheme

OAU 14/15 SU led by TY executes silent heist with 2015 scholarship scheme
Obafemi Awolowo University ile-ife.
The Great Ife students of this great citadel of learning and culture have been served hot the revealing facts concerning the scam and theft by the 14/15 Students' Union under the leadership of Omotayo Akande Damilare aka TY by Investigative Journalists on campus for the past three days.
As a reminder, the 14/15 SU leadership allegedly sponsored some eighty-seven (87) student indigents on campus during their reign in what was tagged the "Scholarship scheme" and was reported by the Financial Secretary of the leadership in person of Olajide Adeyanju Ayodeji aka AY SUG to have gulped up 1.6million naira which was also covered nationally by national dailies e.g Vanguard. 
Recent investigation as triumphed by Olanrewaju Oyedeji, President of Association of Campus Journalists, OAU has pushed the Editor in Chief of this agency in person of Afolabi Lekan to investigate …

ANUNSA OAU President calls management to hazardous dump site

This is to call the attention of the university management to an illegal dumpsite and broken fence discovered in Adekunle Fajuyi hall during the #OAUCAMPUSCLEANUP event organized by Passion House in partnership with Susty Vibes, CleanupNigeria, CampusCleanup and supported by ECOMSA OAU, ANUNSA OAU and well attended by JCI OAU, MANOWAR OAU, LFCC amidst others.

We are of the opinion that the dumpsite contravenes the WHO recommendation for dumpsites' distance from residential areas. We admonish the university management to see to the immediate evacuation of the dumpsite and quick mending of the broken fence. The dumpsite harbors reptiles and other dangerous creatures. The dumpsite also breeds mosquitos and other disease causing insects. The broken fence allows easy escape of thieves from the hall during hot chases.

We would be grateful if this issue is urgently looked into.

ANUNSA OAU President

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AY SUG pins ACJ President, Olanrewaju Oyedeji a Liar and a bias Journalist.

AY SUG pins ACJ President, Olanrewaju Oyedeji a Liar and a bias Journalist.
Dr Afolabi was never in the administration when the allocation of funds was made to the Union.

Subsequent to the release of Mr Lanre Oyedeji, AY SUG in an exclusive interview with Oau Kilonshele slapped Olanrewaju Oyedeji as a liar and bias journalist. He also called ACJ's President a loyalist of Dr Afolabi, Vice Dean DSA (without any evidential fact).

AY SUG revealed to Oau Kilonshele that Olanrewaju Oyedeji called him yesterday for a meeting to question him about the accusation leveled against the 14/15 SU by Dr Afolabi the Vice Dean, DSA at the Great Ife Students Summit organized by ACJ OAU yesterday, 22nd of October.

The alleged accusation stating that the 14/15 SU squandered 2.5m in 3days got Olanrewaju Oyedeji as a journalist to Awolowo Hall to get the other side of the story from AY SUG as the Fin Sec of the accused SU which prompted his online release titled "Hard Talk" on his findings a…

AY SUG breaks down the 3.5m allocation and its estimated execution with Oau Kilonshele

AY SUG breaks down the 3.5m allocation and its estimated execution with Oau Kilonshele

Meeting with AY SUG the former Fin Sec of the 14/15 SU, the break down of the 3.5m gotten from the school management was pictorially made while the execution of the funds was verbally made as written records will be sent to the agency in the coming days.

"We got 2m from the management on 31st of July, 2015 and after two months, the second transaction of 1.5m on the 20th of October, 2015" AY SUG discloses to Oau Kilonshele

As requested by Oau Kilonshele, AY SUG verbally broke down how 3.5m was spent during the 14/15 SU administration as paper records will be submitted to the agency in the coming days.

Rough breakdown of expenses of the first transaction of 2m from 31st of October as divulged by AY SUG

About 1.6million for the scholarship scheme without any outside donation
About 130000 on the repair of the two union buses
25000 was given to the welfare committee for the surgical operation …

AY SUG, 14/15 SU Fin Sec denies accusation, calls Dr Afolabi, Vice Dean DSA a Blatant Liar

AY SUG's statement as released


        It is quite a scene to behold, the blackmail succeeding attacks encountered by our union from the immediate past administration of the school management which has been recently defined by the present school management as petty liars.
        The statement made by the vice dean of DSA, Dr B. S. Afolabi at the Great Ife Students' Summit claiming that the Students Union received a sum of 2.5 million naira and squandered it within 3 days holds nothing but falsehood and should be proven and backed up with facts. At no point in time did the Students Union during the 2014/2015 administration receive any such disbursement from the school management through the Madam Durosinmi led DSA whom Dr Afolabi deputized. The Students Union in two disbursements received 2 million naira and 1.5 million in June and Sept/Oct 2015 respectively. The last transaction of the union was on 28/11/2015 as shown to th…

NASU shows solidarity to acting VC Elujoba against petition

NASU shows solidarity to acting VC Elujoba against petition

It can be concluded with the show of support yesterday by both NASU and SSANU that these unions are "die-hard" loyalists of Prof Elujoba.

Earlier yesterday, the members of NASU and SSANU flooded the freedom park to show solidarity to Prof Elujoba who has been petitioned allegedly by fanatics of the former administration led by Prof Tale Omole on the usage of school funds to settle a small part of the owed allowances.

As a reminder, the Dean of Division of Students Affairs slapped the former administration as liars few weeks back during a meeting with students representatives.

As gathered by Oau Kilonshele, the allowances due for the two unions owed by OAU management for many months which has no hope of being paid until the advent of Prof Elujoba as acting VC after the dissolution of governing council by the Federal Government few months back, has been given breath of life as small part of the allowances has been pa…

The cry for Justice : OAU lecturers keep assaulting, and threatening students

The cry for Justice : OAU lecturers keep assaulting, and threatening students.

OAU students get victimized by lecturers both physically and psychologically.

Just when the students are dealing with the saga of Dr Adelodun in Faculty of Education who recently assaulted a student, John, a part one student who was allegedly accused to have committed malpractice during an EDU 101 test, a novel narrative surfaces in department of Zoology when a Dr Komolafe and his P.G student both transfered slaps on the soft cheeks of two students in booc lecture theatre yesterday.

The saga of Dr Adelodun and his assault on John as reported by students in the class at the time of occurrence elucidates that John was caught to have brought the material for the course, EDU 101 to the class which he took out after the duration of the test while Dr Adelodun, the course coordinator was collecting the answer sheets from other students. John was caught doing this and was accused to have committed text malpractice…

NUC scraps pre-degree and diploma in Nigerian Universities

More drastic changes are being made in the Nigerian educational sector. Just on Sunday, October 16, Professor Ishaq Oloyede, the registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), revealed that they have scrapped the use of scratch cards for any transactions and services.

Now another major change is being introduced by the National University Commission (NUC). The commission has announced that they have scrapped of sub-degree diploma programmes in all Nigerian universities that is, pre-degree and diploma programmes.

The water section is battling with fautly water pumps" Head of Service Unit, OAU Power House



 With the fragrance of festivity of the induction of Dentistry students in the air, our correspondent in person of Olufemi Alfred went to the power house to inquire about the incessant power supply on campus, which has been one of the trending issue on campus.

   As directed to the office of the Head of the service unit by one of the workers at the power house, the rumour of the Halls of residence being supplied power by generator plant was debunked.
   "We don't even have generators that can power any hall of residence". says the Head of the Service Unit.

  He stated further that the power house has not been responsible for the irregularities in power supply. "We supply what Ibadan gives us". He claims

     Also, he made it known that they repaired the fault in all hall…

NASU, SSANU v OAU case gets its verdict in Osogbo

NASU, SSANU v OAU Court saga which was annulled till October 10 got its verdict yesterday.

According to our source and confirmed by a member of NASU, the case which was being presided over in Oshogbo by the Federal High Court has been referred to an Industrial Court for further investigation based on lack of jurisdiction authority by the Federal High court to handle such case.

Taking us back, the court saga is a product of both NASU and SSANU claiming that the governing council that brought in Prof Salami Ayobami as VC was compromised and the evidence of irregularities in the procedures.

The former VC, Tale Omole whose tenure ended on June 24, 2016 had been accused by both Unions of compromising the governing council which led to the dissolution of the council by the Federal Government under the able leadership of President Buhari and the emergence of Prof Anthony Elujoba as acting Vice Chancellor .

More details will be coming soon on the saga.

Gathered by Oau Kilonshele
Afolabi Leka…

NYSC orders schools to reduce graduates for mobilisation to 40 percent

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Directorate Headquarters, Abuja, has slashed the number of prospective Corp members for the next phase of mobilization.

The disclosure was made in a leaked internal memo dated 4th October, 2016 and sent to all heads of departments of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University.
The memo signed by Mrs Ifeoma Egboka, office of the Dean of Students Affairs, said NYSC explained that the slash was as a result of “tight budgetary allocation of the Scheme”.

It therefore asked the HODs to “work out the percentage of the number 894 (total) for each department”, as against the initial 2,314.

The development may not be unconnected with the economic recession.
Last month, media and publicity director, NYSC, confirmed that the organisation was in need of funds.

Aderibigbe said that the N10, 500, as budgeted by the government for corp members’ kits, was no longer enough.
“This year for instance, since the Federal Government does not want a situation where youths who are d…

Acting Dean, DSA asks students having issues with payments to visit her office

Culled out from the minute of meeting held at the DSA General office with Faculties' Representatives, the Acting Dean, DSA disclosed that students having issues with payment of fees due to economic recession can visit her office.

She made this known to the Faculties' Representatives on Tuesday, 4th of October.

Gathered by Oau Kilonshele

Past administrations were liars" Dr (Mrs) Akinola

Extracted from the communiqué released by the ACJ correspondents chapel is quoted statement of Dr Akinola, acting Dean DSA slams past administrations of OAU under the leadership of various past VCs as liars.

When questioned on trust issues between the students and management, Dr Akinola says

"We know that the students may jot believe, but we have been holding meetings from time to time, it shows we are committed. It is the past administrations that are not sincere, the past administrations are liars, I am sorry but we are not in this administration.

We can only infer from this statement that Dr Akinola accuses the past administrations of being insincere and dishonest with students like the just concluded administration of Prof Tale Omole.

Gathered by Oau Kilonshele

Equal representation a tale for the gods in OAU

As gathered from the communiqué released by the ACJ Correspondents Chapel on the meeting that held between Faculty Representatives and Acting Dean DSA, Dr (Mrs) Akinola on October 4th, 2016 at DSA General Office, the elected Representatives from Faculty of Social Science were evicted with the assistance of security personnel.

The reason for this humiliation of the generality of Social Science students by the Acting Dean, Dean was based on the fact that the Faculty did not re-conduct their election on 15th of September as directed by the acting Dean due to reports of misconducts in the first concluded faculties' elections.

As gathered by Oau Kilonshele, Faculty of Social Science did not abide by the Acting Dean's directive because they believed the election that brought in their representatives was free and fair thereby leading to their enforced vacation from the meeting.

The reason for the Faculty Representatives idea brought by Acting Dean was to have equal representation in…

Acting VC averts stance of meeting the congress of students

Prof Elujoba, acting VC OAU averts meeting congress of students but only the Faculty Representatives

Few months back after the succession of Prof Anthony Elujoba as acting VC, he promised to meet the Congress of students immediately after resumption to discuss arising issues as he promised a progressive time as the acting vice Chancellor for the little time he has.

Till today, Prof Elujoba has not called any meeting with the congress of students due to reasons known only by him.

Instead, the just elected Faculty Representatives are meeting him anytime soon as disclosed by acting Dean DSA, Dr Akinola at the meeting with these Representatives on the 4th of October, 2016.

Students still seek for congress meeting with Prof Elujoba as doubts of these representatives truly representing the voice of generality of OAU students still fly around.

Compiled by Oau Kilonshele

Today is not a day to celebrate but a day to educate - EIC, Oau Kilonshele

Happy Independence day NIGERIA
Happy Independence day Great Nigerian Students
Happy Independence day OAU

"Liberties aren't given, they are taken."
--Aldous Huxley

Today marks the day when our independence was "writtenly" given to us by the Crown due to the effort of dauntless Nationalists.

Today marks the day we remember we were once captained by a foreign sailor.

But now we are free
Now we are the paddler of our canoe
Now we are the sailor of our imperfect ship

Today is not a day to celebrate but a day to educate
Today marks the day we remember in Unison,
We have more to do as a Nation
Take up the gong of revolution
The struggle to fight corruption

Yes, the economy is in a state of recession
Yes, the people are in a state of depression
Yes, the birth of frustration
But this is not the solution

We need solidarity more than ever.
Give no room for oppression
Create no space for infringement
The Rule of law our guide
Nepotism to be sent to the bottomless pit