OAU 14/15 SU led by TY executes silent heist with 2015 scholarship scheme

OAU 14/15 SU led by TY executes silent heist with 2015 scholarship scheme

Obafemi Awolowo University ile-ife.

The Great Ife students of this great citadel of learning and culture have been served hot the revealing facts concerning the scam and theft by the 14/15 Students' Union under the leadership of Omotayo Akande Damilare aka TY by Investigative Journalists on campus for the past three days.

As a reminder, the 14/15 SU leadership allegedly sponsored some eighty-seven (87) student indigents on campus during their reign in what was tagged the "Scholarship scheme" and was reported by the Financial Secretary of the leadership in person of Olajide Adeyanju Ayodeji aka AY SUG to have gulped up 1.6million naira which was also covered nationally by national dailies e.g Vanguard. 

Recent investigation as triumphed by Olanrewaju Oyedeji, President of Association of Campus Journalists, OAU has pushed the Editor in Chief of this agency in person of Afolabi Lekan to investigate more on this case by working with Olanrewaju to birth the truth out of this whole alleged scandalous act of the Students Union leadership led by TY. 

As contrary to the details of amount spent for the scholarship scheme and the number of students as revealed by the Fin Sec as at the time, facts and figures as revealed during the course of investigation into the whole scheme beg to differ. 

In details, Mr Ayodeji, (AY SUG) reported to Afolabi Lekan of Oau Kilonshele during the ongoing scholarship scheme as at the time that they spent 1.6m on 87 students and still reiterated such false information to Afolabi Lekan on 23rd of October, 2016. However, investigation has revealed that the number of indigents that benefitted from the scheme was Eighty (79) and more than Four (4) of them were renowned loyalists of Omotayo Akande Damilare (TY, President of the SU) and in no place to be marked as indigents. 

Facts and Figures
14/15 SU claims as divulged by the Fin Sec, AY SUG that they spent 1.6m on 87 indigents for the scholarship scheme.
Investigation reveals that it was just 79 students that were paid for with total sum of 1366550 leaving 233450 in the pocket of the SU or where ever they might have kept it.

On the Dr Fola Akinosun alleged 205600 donation to the Students' Union.

Mr Ayodeji (AY SUG) has ferociously denied ever receiving any money as ridiculous as 205600 from the humanitarian and Chief Executive Officer of Foreign Links Group, Dr Fola Akinosun as donation for the scholarship scheme which he may be right to say so as backed up by Mr Emmanuel Kant (PRO). Mr Kant backed his fellow ex executive in an online interview with Oau Kilonshele that he is not aware of any such amount received but can't say if anyone impersonated the SU and got money from Dr Fola Akinosun.

Further investigation as backed by The Source newspaper, ile-ife after an interview with Dr Fola Akinosun revealed that he indeed donated 205600 for the scholarship scheme in which the bearer of the donation is in person of Oluwaseun Oketotoo, Secretary General of the Students' Union for 14/15 administration. This donation which has been denied ever surfacing would have gone through the office of the Financial Secretary held by AY SUG. Hence, one needs to ask who is deceiving who? If both the Fin Sec and PRO denied the donation meant for eight (8) students ever entering the Union's purse, then where did the Mr Oluwaseun Oketotoo put the 205600 donation?.

Revealing facts concerning the breakdown of 205600 donation from Dr Fola Akinosun

The proposal from the TY led administration as signed by him to Dr Fola Akinosun for donation for the scholarship scheme was for a total number of twelve (12) students making a total of 294400 in which Dr Fola's alleged team broke the names down to Eight (8) and paid 205600 to TY's team as received by the Secretary General, Oketooto Oluwaseun on 23/09/2015.

Investigation further reveals with evidence that four of these eight student-indigents have been paid for in the SU reported 87 names which means their names were used to exploit an act of charity.

Another irregularity found which proves the TY led administration duped Dr Fola Akinosun is the fact that the fees of all twelve students were increased in the proposal sent to him with a smart plan that if all twelve proposed names were not approved, the donation for any number of indigents approved by Dr Fola would still be giant enough which worked out well as eight approved evidently brought 205600 into the SU leaders' pockets

This report is void of any form of defamation but baptized in the ocean of truth for the public to note the extreme act of corruption at the level of Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union during the reign of Omotayo Akande Damilare (TY) as President and Olajide Ayodeji (AY SUG) as Financial Secretary In the 2014/2015 session.

Gathered by Oau Kilonshele
Afolabi Lekan D

Information is Power


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