Incessant Killings And The Role Of A Responsive Government.

Oladeji Olaniyan

It no longer news to all well-meaning and conscious citizens of our beleaguered country that the country's population wanes as the day goes by. The news making the round day after day has to do with killings of innocuous citizens of the country. Loss of loved ones, loss of properties, loss of shelters and loss of  place for respite, loss of business to mention but a few, are the lines of lamentation in vogue and experienced virtually everyday in the country.
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Certified citizens no longer feel safe in the own country, they now see themselves as a strangers in a strange land, their movement is highly restricted, their means of lively hood bastardized, their children are demoralised because those at the helm of affairs had failed to yield to their yearnings , pleas and have decided to turn deaf ears to them.
  The upsurge of the herdsmen in the middle belt of Nigeria is culpable for the aforementioned unpalatable situations some citizens of the country have found themselves. The herdsmen are agog with marauding innocent citizens of the country without expressing any iota of mercy to their recipients, they go rampage killing human being with relish like their cows not minding whose ox is gored.

 The recent rampage perpetrated by the herdsmen in plateau state, which left scores of people dead and many injured, loss of business, shelters, children, fathers, and mothers and loved ones is highly condemnable. This heinous acts of herdsmen is  smearing the name of the country in murky water of ignominy as this has attracted the attention of many international bodies and news agency notable among them are CNN, BBC, Reuters,
Aljazeera, Yahoo News, Fox News, New York Times.

its not surprising as it is our usual manner that we invariably find ourselves in the limelight of international bodies for the very wrong reasons and our leaders at the helm of affairs would in their often brazen manner and approach commence their ball passing, finger pointing, blame games and other political tantrums at the expense of swinging into  actions to seek palliative measures.

 Many a people, have alleged that the presidency is in a way acting as a back up for the herdsmen, due to the fact that no major arrest has been carried out by the Nigeria police nor the Nigeria army. Some months ago the minister for defense who tries to justify the spillage of innocent Nigerians blood by this sect and also enjoin those who are victims to accommodate the herdsmen. I ponder how he expect them to accommodate their killers, who are hellbent on totally decimating them.

 The President, his cabinet, his political parties and his staunch devotee should be reminded that the president is failing already to fulfill one of his campaign mantras; which is Security. He promised to improve the quality and standard of the security system. He assured Nigerians that their security of lives and properties would be quintessential to his administration but what is playing out currently is the reverse. The lives of cows are seemingly invaluable more than that of the citizens, who chose him to be their head on the basis those promises.

The President needs to do more in this sector of the country. The middle Belt is presumed to be the food basket of the nation but if this trend of killings do not cease, the food basket might later become the blood basket of the nation, if necessary actions are not taken to halt the herdsmen carnage. Those who are culpable in perpetrating this heinous acts should be nabbed and let the law take it's due cause regardless of whose ox is gored. Palliative measures should be taken to return normalcy to those affected areas. Any of security apparatus not yielding to directives, should be relieved of his post. The security apparatus should be restructured. All these should be done in lieu of sending Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo, for extraneous condolences visit. Human lives are more important than that of cows.

  The tanker explosion which occurred in Lagos some few days ago rightly depict the rot embedded in the system, and alarming rate at which lives are being lost daily and the degree of insecurity of life and properties in the nation. A law restricts the movement of those tankers but full implementation is the bane here, why?  That is the question but I asked myself who are the owners of those fuel tankers? I guess your answer align with mine. The Lagos State government is implored to  fully implement the law restricting the movement of those fuel tankers during the day,  and more values should be placed on human life and their properties.

 I end this with the quote of Great leader Nelson Mandela "In countries where innocent people are dying, the leaders are following their blood rather than their brains."

Oladeji Olaniyan is reporter for OAU Kilonshele and a student of Obafemi Awolowo University. He can be contacted through
Twitter; @oladeji_ymcmb.


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