Obafemi Awolowo University's Akintola hall of residence occupants have resolved to impeach their chairperson, Ogunremi Khadijat, a part 5 student of the faculty of law.
          The decision was made at a congress of Akintolites as a result of the alleged dictatorial acts of the chairperson in recent times.
          "We've been able to gather 108 signatures and we haven't gone round the hostels. We'll then proceed to present the letter of her impeachment" Yemi said.
         Akintolites in a congress
    In the evening  of Wednesday, 23rd of August, the hall chairperson seized an occupant's bucket, sponge box and bathing soap as a result of taking her bath at the corridor of the bathing cubicle.
          The occupant, Bisi a student of Sociology department, said that;
        " I took my bath at the corridor of the bathtub because the bathtub, as a result of being the only one that serves the whole occupants of my floor, is dirty and slippery, and moreover, it is in the evening. She asked me why I was taking my bath there and I told her that I felt like bathing there. We were Three and she released the other two but she seized my bucket and sponge box with my soap inside even after saying 'sorry' . She even dragged my wrapper with me." 
          "No one has been using the bathtub all these while because it has been overused while others have been kept on lock. We went to beg for the release of the seized items but Kaddie snubbed us and referred us to the porter. It was at this point that Akintolites gathered around.  We went to the porter but they told us to leave the issue to God."   Sharon , a student, said.
          When the uproar was at its peak, the SU security committee and the university security were summoned and the chairperson refused to show up at the scene. Students confirmed with graphical evidence that she hid herself in the room.
          Afterwards, Akintolites gathered and locked up the executives' room but they confirmed that someone was inside.
   In a conversation with the Students'union security officer, he made it clear that they attended to the issue and the lady in question has written a statement and the case has been transferred to the School security officer.
"Before I got out of the hall, one of the porters came to me and said the hall warden is aware of the case and that she has them to come tomorrow which is today, then I said no problem. 
 Later the school CSO called me and told me to bring the chairperson and the girl alone to his office and I told him that; "Sir the matter is already with the students' union and I'm taking them to SUB for them to write a statement" .  I try to open the excos room door, but it was locked from inside,which means someone is inside but it is not the chairperson"
SU CSO said
     One of the Akintolites, Ayobami opined that; "At the Congress, we resolved that the chairperson should be evicted and impeached after tendering an apology to all Akintolites. Afterwards, all of us marched down to the Excos room to lock it up if they can't provide Kaddie. After we counted 1-5, we locked Kaddie's room with the Secretary of the hall, Karimot, inside because she didn't cooperate with us."

     Speaking with our correspondent, the Chairperson, Kaddie stated that ;
          "Immediately I heard a splash of water, I knew where it was coming from as I entered I discovered that she was taking her bath outside the chamber meant for bathing, which is against the rules of the hall. I asked her why she was bathing but she said that was where she felt like bathing. I told the other two to enter and they complied but she did not. That was why I seized her bucket and sponge case. I didn't drag her wrapper with her. I wanted to pick it but she reminded me that it was 5pm and guys are in the hostel, I had to give it back to her." 
     When asked about the impeachment and congress , she noted saying ;
     "I heard about the impeachment and I know some people were trying to play politics. Immediately I heard that it was my Faculty friend who is an ally of a member of the CEC, was the one who will drop the impeachment Letter, I know what they want to do and what I will also do is in my mind."
     "Is that how they call a congress? Who presided over the congress? Athletes have not been responsible and they've been known for their violent ways of handling issues. Because the girl involved is an athlete, that was why the congress was summoned. None of the hall executives attended the Congress." she explained.
     However, the director of sports of the Sports' Council, Mr. Abu,  told our correspondent saying ;
     "The hall warden and some officers of the university will constitute a panel today, 24th of August that will look in to the issue because athletes are not trouble makers."

Olufemi Alfred .O.
Oau Kilonshele News agency


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