100 DAYS IN OFFICE INTERVIEW: An interview with the Chairman of all Halls of Residence.

Good day sir, we all know you as 'izzieman'. What is your full name? 

IZZIEMAN : Akindipe Israel Oluwaseyi

Can you tell us briefly about yourself ?  

IZZIEMAN : I hail from Osun state. A part 4 student of the faculty of law, the former financial secretary of Fajuyi Hall, a member of the Justice Chamber faculty of Law and the present Chairman of the HEC and Fajuyi Hall respectively.
I derive my joy from the attainment of the happiness of others as I don't do things to please people.

OK, as you know it's 100 days  since you've been sworn in to office. What are your achievements since the inception of your administration? 

IZZIEMAN :  First of all, let's give all glory to God. The election came and we won, and work commenced even before the Swear-in.
     This administration is a continuation of what I've had in mind when I was the Financial secretary.
  Academics - we were able to organize the first impactful symposium in Fajuyi Hall which was an all inclusive one . Also we organize tutorial classes for freshmen in Fajuyi.
  Welfare - It was the welfare issues that brought me in to limelight. Early this semester there was scarcity of water  we mounted pressure on the management to get new equipments and afterwards, the issue was looked in to. Because the water provided hasn't been that good, we met with the New Vice chancellor after he had checked 4 out of the 8 halls of residence and he has started to work on it.
    On the fully grown bushes as well, we met with the former acting VC and the administration swung to action. Recently I met with one of the men who are charged with the responsibility of clearing the bushes but he complained about the non payment of their salaries. That's why we still have bushes around but trust me everywhere would be cleared.
    On fumigation, the last fumigation done was faulty and ineffective. So the management has agreed to do another round of fumigation that would be supervised by the students and a 7 men committee comprising of two students representatives  would be set up to proffer a lasting solution to bedbugs in our halls.
    On power supply, during the black out in Moremi hall, we were able to make the management to look in to the faulty transformer and it was resolved that the power supply should be shared between academic areas and Moremi hall pending the time the problem would be resolved. Power supply hasn't been okay and we are working on it.
    On Dstv subscription, we'll be doing that today.

Sir, being the chairman of the HEC, what can you say about the clash between the Angola excos and the CEC members at the beginning of the semester? 

IZZIEMAN : I will say, the action of the CEC members was right but at the wrong time. In a bid to secure the welfare of the students by protesting, the President disrupted a planned program of Angola hall of residence. The intention of the president was right but not done at the right time.

How can you describe the current  administration of the Union?
  I believe for success to be achieved, all hands should be on deck. The leadership of the SRC and the President still have personal differences which ought not to be so and not good for the success of the union. Although it is not everything that is being related to the students, I feel they are trying their best.  Also, this current leadership is too close to the school management which ought not to be so. For example, the issue of bedbug can be trashed out using the power of the press and we'll be able to check their excesses.
  We are trying because I'm part of the administration but we have not done enough.

What is your take on the recent procurement of the fourteen-seater bus? 

IZZIEMAN :     Out of the things needed, transportation is one though I will not want to comment on the level of the priority. As much as I will laud their action, I will like the president to answer questions as regards the procurement of the bus.

What have been your challenges since you assumed office? 

IZZIEMAN :    When we came on board, we had problems with the Muslim community as a reported case of theft had a Muslim brother as the prime suspect.
    Another was the issue of the leftist who beat up those killing bats. They were doing the right thing but they went about it in the wrong way.

What are your words to the generality of Great Ife students?  

IZZIEMAN :  Rome like they say, was not built in a day. The union is a collective responsibility of all students. If you see someone using the facilities in a wrong manner, approach the person. If you notice a suspicious movement of a student, inform the security members. In the next few months, I will be out of office but I will still take interest in matters that concern students.
I will urge everyone to make it an all inclusive union for the progress of the students union.

Interviewer: Olufemi Alfred .O. 
Oau kilonshele News Agency. 


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