Unknown Students' Welfare Committee formed, garboil in Mozambique hall

On Saturday Night, 24th of September, representatives of an unknown Students Welfare Committee clashed with Annadiva and some other conscious students in Mozambique hall over price regulation lists.

The self-acclaimed Students Welfare Committee allegedly formed during an unknown public meeting at Awo Cafe few weeks back clashed with Annadiva of Mozambique hall after the earlier went to Mozambique hall to paste printed copies of investigated regulated prices to stand as the status quo for the current inflated prices of goods in butteries while some copies were removed by the later for comparison with the butteries' price tags.

The representatives of this committee filled with the likes of Michael Lenin and others who belong to DSM (leftists) had gone outside campus commendably and heroically to investigate the price tags of goods and make survey to have a regulated price tags in hall butteries so as to put an end to undue exploitation of students by butteries' attendants.

"We went outside campus as conscious students on behalf of the generality of Oau students to get these prices so as to come here now and paste these price tags for students to know how much each good is being sold outside campus in order to put an end to exploitation and if possibly any proposed regulated price seems higher, our numbers are on the papers to be contacted" Michael Lenin divulged in Mozambique hall.

It was gathered that after this committee had pasted their price tags which were to a certain level endorsed by some Mozambique queens while some faulted some of regulated prices to be higher than the inflated prices by their exploitative butteries (e.g peak milk, ladycare and couple of others)which allegedly led to Annadiva removing some copies for comparison.

"What really caught my attention was when some students were complaining that some of the regulated prices are even higher than the butteries'. I had to remove two copies for butteries to compare and contrast for another survey of which I was almost harassed by one of these guys representing the self-acclaimed Students Welfare Committee for doing this as I was not given any copy as an authority in this hall " Annadiva, 2014/2015 Moz Chairperson.

The high rate of exploitation of Mozambique queens by the butteries was affirmed by few residents speaking to Oau Kilonshele.

"It is unfair that these butteries are hiding under economic recession palava to exploit us" A Mozambique hall resident lamented

"These guys are the ones we know and recognise as Students' Union who have always come around to enlighten us on how things are going on campus. I support the proposed regulated price tags and I don't think any price there is higher, only some are of equal price with the ones of the butteries' Another Mozambique resident disclosed to Oau Kilonshele.

The bone of contention which led to the rancour was the fact that the authority of Annadiva as the past Chairperson and the voice of Mozambique queens to school management was not recognised by the so-called Students Welfare Committee.

"Her (AnaDiva) administration ended last session, so I don't see any reason why she should be consulted before anything" A member of the committee commented.

"I was not even consulted of any regulated prices to be pasted around butteries by this so-called committee. I have been trying my best to have a regulated price tag for goods myself but inflation in prices happen every day. A carton of indomie last week was 1600 while it rose to 1900 just two days ago. So, there cannot be a standard regulated price tag for goods. Yes it is true that these butteries exploit and I have been doing all I can to stop this act of extortion by investigating price of goods sold to students in the hall but it has been difficult because of the lack of Students' Union Body and the incessant change in goods' prices" AnaDiva while speaking with Oau Kilonshele

Annadiva while speaking to Oau Kilonshele disclosed that renovation is still ongoing in lower Mozambique hall while upper part is being stalled.

As at the time of the rancour, there was no light in any of the halls of residence apart from Moremi.

Some would ask;
When was the committee formed??
Why are they all members of leftist ideology??
Does anyone need to be consulted to act on behalf of students' welfarism ??

Gathered by Oau Kilonshele


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