In a Central Executive Council (CEC) meeting of the executives of Obafemi Awolowo University students' Union, held in the office of the SU President on the 5th of September, Jacob Grace (EMERALD) , the Vice president and Mr. Afolabi Adedayo (LAMBA) , the Director of socials, had a clash which resulted in to the beating and headbutt of the VP while the DOS sustained an injury on the hand as a result of handling of broken bottle by the VP.
    The meeting, which began in the evening, had eight Union Executive officers in attendance with the purpose of deliberating on the projects that the 3.85M naira, the 2nd batch of the back log, which the university management had released to the present administration, will be used for.
    In an interview with one of the Executives present, who sought anonymity for the fear of being victimized, it was clearly stated that ;

"As the meeting was going on, several suggestions were made and so as to be able to present presentable projects as opposed to the purchase of another bus which the management proffered, we had to scrutinize all suggestions. It was during the session that the Vice president got infuriated because her suggestion, which is a package for freshers, was dropped." he added that no one was knew that Lamba was injured until we got to the health centre an hour after Emerald has been there.

     The suggestion of the package for freshers was dropped because it was calculated to be executed with 1.45m naira.
     Speaking with Okediji Simon, the Public Relations Officer of the Union, who was also present at the meeting, he said;
     "There was need to prioritize because there are myraids of projects to be executed, which includes attending to the increased rent of students staying in some hostels. Because the fresher's package was dropped, the VP headed for the door and in an attempt to jokingly stop her from going, Lamba held her. She said; You are mad for harrasing me and she started beating Lamba. Afterwards, Lamba headbutted her twice and we all chided him for such act and he was remorseful. But to our surprise, Emerald checked the refrigerator of the president for a bottle, which she found later. She broke the bottle on the floor and headed towards Lamba. The welfare director and Sports' director ran out while some of us tried to restrain her from stabbing Lamba. But as we were dragging and Lamba was preventing his face from being stabbed, the broken bottle inflicted an injury in the hand."
     In a conversation with Lamba, it was noted that she actually 'stabbed' him and both of them were rushed to the health centre. He also made it known that he head butted her up to four times.
     "This morning police men came to arrest me in my house off campus but I resisted and told them that it was a union matter and it should be settled on campus which they later agreed to and left. After the police came, some guys came to threaten me with axe saying that ; they are indigenes so I should watch my back." he said.

     An eye witness who is a neighbor of Lamba testified to the threat scenario and could identify one of them as Y-KAY, an ex union leader and about 5'7 feet tall.
     "Those guys came in a blue Toyota Camry car. They were at first joking with Lamba but after the police scene, they threatened Lamba but I did not see any axe." he said.
     In the course of investigation, we were able to gather that the VP's head was swollen after the head butt and she was taken to the school health centre but later transferred to Seventh Day Adventist hospital in Ile-Ife for a reason that was not disclosed to our correspondent.

     After many attempts to reach the VP, she spoke to OAU KILONSHELE and narrated her side of the story.
     "When I brought the idea of Freshers package and it was rejected I felt bad because not giving these freshers what they paid for is like a thorn in my flesh. That is not the first time they will reject my idea and I will leave the meeting but this time around Lamba headed to the door to stop me from leaving. They claimed it was a joke but Lamba and I have not been in talking terms for some time. I dragged with him and he headbutted me more than two times. I searched everywhere for what I could use to liberate myself until someone gave me a bottle, which I broke for self-defense but I didn't stab him because others, who were watching him harass me, later held me. Lamba's wound was self inflicted one because he came in one hour after I was rushed to the health centre. I didn't beat him like some people claimed. Rather, he was the one who beat me and headbutted me." she explained.

     Moreover, she denied ever reporting the issue to the police or anyone off campus.
     " I've been here since two days ago, how will I also at the same time report to the police station." she said.

     According to Mr. Nathaniel, a member of Liberty for students forum, in an interview with our correspondent, he emphasized that,

" I know Emerald very well and she can't stab anyone. The CEC members are only trying to conspire against her being the only female." 

    "She has been having issues with Lamba even before the meeting. When we rushed her to the hospital she was very weak that she could not say much." said Olu, a female friend of the VP. 

   One of the nurses in hospital, in a conversation with OAU KILONSHELE made it known that they've only been given her pain relief drugs
   " she has been complaining of pains in hand, head and chest. We've ran tests on her and from some of the reports that have been out we've not gotten any serious complication. Even on her hand, we've not been able to note whether it's a dislocation or fracture because no place is swollen on the hand but until when the result of the test is out. " the nurse said.

   Some of the test results were shown to our correspondent.

   In a bid gather public opinion from students present, some students spoke with our correspondent.
   " I was around when the fight occurred but from what I could see, both Emerald and Lamb's clothes were torn and her head was swollen. But it was not so serious as she portrayed it. I didn't see Lamba's injury though." Muhammed Bello said.

     "I saw Emerald in the evening and I thought it was something they could settle but I was surprised when I heard that she has been referred to seventh day adventist" Hon. Akeem, a member of the parliament said
  However, the back log as resolved by the CEC members, will be used for the refurbishment and purchase of equipment for the Great Ife Students' Union Library, construction of relaxation centre and sit-outs and construction of Staircase around Alumni-Archi axis.

Olufemi Alfred .O. 
Oau Kilonshele News agency 


  1. I think the school management should critically look into this issue and bring justice to it.


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