IJIYINKA IJIWOLE SOLOMON aka JK on OneOnOne with OAU Kilonshele

IJIYINKA IJIWOLE SOLOMON aka JK on OneOnOne with OAU Kilonshele
My aspiration is not born out of desperation = JK
January 28th, 2017

Background: Hails from ILE-IFE, Osun State.
Parents status: Dead (both the father and mother). “Growing up has been only by God’s help and mercy” Jk said
Educational background: Primary education through to University degree has been in Ile-ife
Department and Level: Chemical Engineering and 400 level
Academic status: Excellent. ‘I am one of the top students in my class.” In JK’s own words

Interviewer: What experience have you had as a leader as it is conspicuous through your campaign that you’re vying for the office of Great Ife SU President?
JK: Well, I was the Senior Prefect Boy in my Primary and Junior secondary school (s). The Assistant Head boy in my Senior Secondary school and also the head of the Valedictory service committee. Spearheaded with some community members the Youth Forum of my community, Oke – Ayetoro in bringing back some reputable individuals that are making it big in life in bringing development to the community. In the University, I was the President of NIDSA (National Ife Descendants School Association) for 2014/2015 session. I also served as the secretary of the Electoral Commission of Society of Petroleum Engineers for 2014/2015 session and also served as the Audit Chairman for Nigeria Society of Engineers (N.S.E) in 2015/2016 session. I served as an honourable in the parliament of the Students Union and also a member of the Budget and Finance commission.

Interviewer: Reasons for vying for the post of Presidency instead of others
JK: I believe The only I have is that I have the leadership skills and mind-set for the office. I am here to deal wit the challenges of the Students Union as the University system in relation to students is faulty. Are we to talk of criminalization of just cause, victimization of students and others.

Interviewer: What makes you think you’re cut off for the job?
JK: The experience is one. There are plans in place to making Great Ife Students Union great again. I have the solution to the Union’s problems.

Interviewer: What are these plans?
JK: Calling the attention of the management to the concerns of my fellow students, engaging in MMC which means Massive Media Campaign to show the inefficiency and lackadaisical attitude of the management by letting the world see our unequipped laboratories, dilapidated hostels and others, clamouring against victimization of students and criminalization of just cause. I have the intellectual capacity and experience in achieving this by not just providing solutions but making it compactible.
 Dynamism is the way forward now and not stagnancy cause this (the later) is only an act of insanity. If I emerge as the President of Great Ife SU, I am going to bring dynamism in our ways of approaching the management. We cannot just continue using protest and radicalism as the way forward because I can assure you, this has not yielded any positive result but always at our own detriment. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in confrontation but only after consultation. Hence, the idea of using external influence in dealing with the school management like my connection with the Ooni of Ife, who has always been a promoter of peace and youth empowerment enthusiast.
Also, there are elites out there that can influence the decision of the management without struggle and we have been naïve of not making use of them over time. Reduction of the gap between the Union and elites will bring this into reality.
Reduction of the idea of cabalism in the students’ union. The idea of cabalism is not just some certain individuals making decision for the generality of great ife students, but the idea of some persons having the feeling of intellectual superiority, therefore, influencing the decision making body of the Union. I will make sure that the General Interest of Great Ife Students is the drive behind every decision made.
Introduction of innovative programmes for the interest of students. Talent hunts to showcase hidden talents, sport competitions and others
Bracing up of our academics. Even though the Vice President constitutionally is responsible for this but under the President’s leadership. We can come up with aptitude tests, tutorials, scholarship opportunities and all.
Another plan I have is LOL which is not the general Laugh out loud but League of Leaders. This will be an avenue whereby heads, presidents of associations, fellowships, muslim societies and others can come together frequently to brainstorm in order to know what the interest of students is, as these leaders will be coming from diverse perspectives to have a unified decision satisfying all interest. Therefore, working on the principle of model utilitarianism.
No home for opposition in the Students’ Union. When I emerge, the idea of anti-President, anti-vice President will be eradicated. There is room for opposing ideas and methods which will give space for development but not an opposition to the Union. There should be no opposition to the union. Any individual with contrary ideas can table it and we discuss constructively to create a novel and progressive popular idea.
Promotion of Equity and Justice in the Students Union .

Interviewer: The defects in the administration you would like to work on
JK: virtually I have hinted some of these in my plans. There has always been weak general interest of students. This shall be eradicated once If I emerge the President of the Great Ife SU.

Interviewer: How do you intend to manage the SU leadership with your academics?
JK: Time management

Interviewer: How do you intend to manage the union affairs without the interference of the school management?
JK: This is not possible because they are our primary source of funds. But what I can vouch for is that the management shall have no say in the decision making of the students Union.

Interviewer: Do you have any reservation with any of the modalities of the election as mandated by the electoral commission ESP the controversial 2.5cgpa minimum academic requirement?
JK: This CGPA thing was introduced by the management after the Saburi led administration to victimize altruistic comrades. The issue is, even though the congress of students, which is the highest law making body has ruled against it, there are still some controversies surrounding it with intellectual arguments. What I can promise is when I emerge, I will call a referendum on it and have a popular resolution.

Interviewer: What are the challenges you have faced as regards the contest so far?
JK: Bad mouthing and propagandas by opponents. My advice to all is that they should stop and engage in intellectual politics. Say no to campaign of hatred.

Interviewer: The last question goes thus; Though you’re optimistic about the result, what would be your next move if it went the other way round?
JK: My aspiration is not born out of desperation. I am forever a progressive student.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time.


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