Ekpa Stanley Ekpa is our Personality of the Week for the end of 2015/2016 session. Read his interview below


Interview conducted on Sunday, 12th of March

Miss Ajao :*Good evening sir, can we meet you
Ekpa Stanley Ekpa : Good evening, I am Stanley Ekpa, a part 5 law student

How has your journey been being the president of the Law Students Society (LSS)?

My journey has been very challenging but God has always proved faithful . I work with one of the most hardworking team and by God's grace we have been able to conquer the challenges confronting the society

What would you consider your best achievement so far in this administration sir?

Though there were plans I made in which I wanted to accomplish but i couldn't accomplish most of them. So far, my best achievement is the intra-faculty trial competition because it has a direct impact on the members by building an advocacy skill on every member of the law society

What was your inspiration in regard to the Entrepreneurship leadership conference (ELC) you organized?

Please note that the ELC wasn't organized by the Faculty of law but by a group called ALL TIMES GROUP which he coincidentally is the president of the group. In ths parr of the world, young people still limit themselves to degrees, certificates and all and that is not only what the world of today is about. My drive has always been that young people must commit themselves to see Africa is truly developed.

To many people, the program was a success, is it to you sir?, considering the fact that it was postponed and that the earlier promised personalities like Linda ikeji, Jenifa and other couldn't come

Being the former ANUNSA president, I had the opportunity to invite the united nations director in which he promised to show up, just two weeks to the event, he called me that he won't be able to make it, Linda ikeji also through her P.A promised to attend but due to the postponing of the date, issues came up and then jenifa's P.A asked that the sum of 1.5 million be paid ,considering the grants that had to be paid to the participants, I had to let that go but still the bank of industry and other dignitaries were present. Though I didn't really actualize my real plans am still very happy about the program. What matters is that people were impacted

Your recent widely attended organized law maiden annual lecture which saw the presence of former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku abubakar, how was the planning like?

There were so many challenges that were faced and thank God for some great professors. These professors made it happen not me.

The time you got so emotional on stage, what was going on on your mind sir?

From the beginning, things look like it won't happen but God makes it happen and at such times , I think of God, friends and the reality of those things and them I get so emotional (awwwn, smiling)

How would you advise readers out there who would want to organize an impactful conference like you have done?

Firstly, never think of the reward aspect of any event, think of the impact first. Then have a good working team, no one can ever succeed in isolation. Also make sure u carry the university along, it's very key. Though there are a lot of challenges like the location of this great university, inviting dignitaries might be difficult, lack of airport and another challenge is the students lack of participation. Just be focused

Thank you very much for your time


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