Emerald speaks to Oau Kilonshele as she contests for SU Vice Presidency

Emerald speaks to Oau Kilonshele as she contests for SU Vice Presidency
"All hands must be on deck for a progressive union"

Full Name: Jacob Tosin Grace
Background: Ondo State
Educational Background: Quintessence nursery and primary school, Federal Govt college Otobi, Benue stage for secondary education and currently a part four law student in OAU
Oau Kilonshele: As obvious through your campaign, you are vying for the office of OAU SU Vice Presidency, can you tell us other leadership positions you have held

Emerald: An honourable in the previous SU administration, active member of the welfare committee of the parliamentary session. I have also served in different capacities in the church. I was Akintola hall pastor and currently the foundation bible school principal of my fellowship.

Oau Kilonshele: Can you share with us some of your reasons for going for this particular office?

Emerald: First, I must say I have always wanted to dedicate myself to the service of humanity ensuring I contribute my quota to the development of my community; the nation and the world as a whole. Therefore, I want to state emphatically that my aims are purely humanitarian devoid of selfish interest.

Oau Kilonshele: What makes you think you’re cut off for this job and your plans to move the union forward ?

Emerald: My decision to contest was inspired by a powerful vision. A vision of a students’ union driven by the core principles of Academic excellence, welfare, equity, justice and fairness of all. As laid down by the framers of our constitution and the forefathers of our union, it is my opinion that we must as a matter of urgency reposition our union. Restore the union to her place of pride and prestige. A union that does not only adequately cater for the welfare of students but also ensure the development of students both inside and outside the four walls of this great institution.

Oau Kilonshele: As your office is concerned with academics, what are the steps you are going to take to tackle victimisation of students and lackadaisical grades?

Emerald: The truth of the matter is, we must all join hands together to move the progressive train of this union to greater heights. We must ensure proactive measures are put in place to tackle these issues as they come. One of the major reasons why academic victimization keeps recurring is because a lot of students don’t even know where to go when this happens. This is why I am going to ensure that the academic committee is operational from the beginning of the administration before the committee meeting of the SRC, to ensure all academic issues are adequately tackled. We will set up an ad hoc committee that will fully be equipped to take care of academic issues.

Oau Kilonshele: What’s your view about the dormancy of the office as some may think?

Emerald: In that regard I’d like to say whether it is the office of the Vice President or any other office in the SU, the dormancy or otherwise of a particular office is directly tied to the person holding the position. Every office of the SU at this point in time is a vehicle to achieving the goals of the SU. If we are going to succeed, every hands must be on deck and no office can afford to be dormant.

Oau Kilonshele: How do you intend to manage the SU leadership with your academics?

Emerald: I have always had to combine my academics with other activities and God has been really helping in that regard. Essentially, it boils down to time management. I can multitask and not lose sight of the primary goal.

Oau Kilonshele: What are the challenges you are facing as regards this contest?

Emerald: Honestly, my team and I have faced a lot of challenges since we started this journey but we have triumphed with the help of God

Oau Kilonshele: Do you have any reservation concerning any of the modalities released by the Electoral commission especially the controversial 2.5CGPA?

Emerald: The electoral commission is responsible for the election and the guidelines and I believe they will do a good job. Concerning the 2.5CGPA minimum requirement, it is my sincere opinion that an academic qualification does not determine the ability of a political candidate. The 2.5CGPA is not determinant of leadership qualities. But I also believe that it is not too much for someone contesting to have a 2.5CGPA. Essentially, this should be decided by the Great Ife students.

Oau Kilonshele: Lastly, though you’re optimistic about the result due to your campaign so far, what would be your next move if the result doesn’t favour you?

Emerald: My decision to contest was inspired by a power vision of a progressive, proactive, pragmatic and vibrant SU built on the principles of quality and justice. Regardless of the outcome, I am committed to this vision. I will keep doing everything I can to ensure we get there.

Oau Kilonshele: Thank you for your time

Emerald: You’re welcome.


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